revelle bridal salon tour + team photos

I have been pestering my sweet friend Earleen, owner of Revelle Bridal in Ottawa, to do a shoot since the grand opening! Like any successful business owner with a hint of perfectionism, Earleen always tried to tell me that the salon wasn't quite ready. Ready meaning perfect, of course... 

But with much convincing (or perhaps through a little propaganda in a podcast episode or two...), I finally got my hands on this GORGEOUS salon, and the beautiful faces that give it life. My friends, I am so delighted to share many of my favourites from a salon tour of Revelle Bridal. Please enjoy!

I had so much fun with this team! It really feels like a family, which is such a testament to Earleen's standard of quality.   

Shoutouts to the ladies at One Fine Beauty and Showpony Hair for getting the squad ready for a closeup! 

UGH, this photo is a favourite because I'm just so proud of what this woman has created. She pours her heart into everything she does and it shows.  

When it comes to shopping around online and finding a business to work with, the customer has to feel like they know the people behind the brand. That's why branding photography should always include both individual and team shots! 

My best advice for prepping for a branding photography session like this one, is to think about the messages that you usually send out in your content. 

In this case, is it information about trunk show events or openings in the calendar for new appointments? Original imagery should be able to serve MANY purposes, and it's my job to help you figure out what kinds of images would serve you best!

Cheers to the incredible ladies at Revelle Bridal who are making brides say "YASSS!" to the dress every single day! xo

To get your hands on a branding and social media session, 
including modern headshots and team photos, send me an email!

I am accepting 2 more sessions for the Spring before the wedding season hits.

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