favourite engagement photos from 2018

A year will flash by in the blink of an eye unless you take the time to celebrate every beautiful moment. This post, as part of the year in review series, is designed to celebrate the incredible couples who took time to carve out an hour to hang with me in the sunshine as part of their engagement. 

And with smiley folks like Shannon and Nick, how could I be anything less than PUMPED for the 2019 season... 

Kate & Cam were one of those couples who told me they'd be awkward on camera. Turns out, they're pros and this cottage engagement session was definitely a highlight of my 2018: 

Something about the sunshine in her hair and the movement in this pic has me swooning. Katie and Dan, you guys look incredible in colour, but I have a soft spot for this black and white:

This next photo is proudly displayed on my homepage and reflects my brand perfectly. Hard to beat this for pic of the year, especially since you only get one chance to make it happen...! 

There are so many little architectural gems at Lansdowne. If you're completely unsure of where to do your engagement session, look no further.

Although City Hall sparkles at sunset too... 

I've been in this business for 8 years and somehow the cut of a diamond can still surprise me from time to time. I am obsessedddddd with Alex's pick for Sarah:

The ever gorgeous Shannon -- can't wait to sub this adorable romper for a wedding dress!

Sarah & Matthew's engagement session at the Arboretum was a beauty. Their wedding day featured some incredible florals that put these tree blossoms to shame. 

An engagement session I'm unlikely to forget. I was SO sick with my second last case of tonsilitis before finally having my surgery, but Mary Clare and Rick had planned every detail of their engagement session, going so far as to book hair, makeup, and childcare. I simply could not let them down!

Another Kate & Cam photo that I desperately love. I'm going to have a great day with these two next year!

Dear Julie's cozy sweater, 

I thank thee for being the perfect neutral background for a ring shot in the market. That is all. 

This. feels. like. so. long. ago! 

Amanda and Dave have since celebrated their wedding, with an equally beautiful sunset at Le Belvedere. I will never forget how long we waited to time this photo so that there were *no cars* on the Airport Parkway. Y'all. We did it. 

You've seen an up close shot of this fluffy bubba, Zephyr over here on the pets-of-the-year post, but here's a better look at his parents, Daina and Corey!

Oh yeah, not to mention Daina's killer engagement ring:

Still obsessed with this shot of Jaymee and Graham. Her ponytail, bold earrings, and killer lashes are my heaven. 

So we called "wrap" on Katie & Dan's engagement session, and Dan wasted approximately ZERO time before putting his hat back on. Katie and I laughed and she told me that he's one of those guys who always wears a hat. 

Even though the sun was low, we needed to get at least one shot of the real Dan Katie was about to marry. His hand placement shows me he approved of this photo. 

Who can forget this royally flawless engagement ring belonging to Kristen, as photographed in a bucket of ice while skipping across the lake on a speed boat... Yeah, not scary at all. 

I try to remind my brides that choosing a location for the engagement session isn't half as important as they're thinking it needs to be. This photo of Susanna and Kyle is the perfect proof that when it comes to my photography style, it's aaaalllll about the people. 

*But, if you're wondering, it's on the steps of the war monument off Elgin*

A photo like this reminds me how lucky I am to enjoy the sun and our city on a semi-regular basis <3

Karen and Mark were SO easy to photograph on this dock outside their wedding venue near Kingston.

And the simple white linen of her dress allowed me to take this shot that highlights her unique ring:

Another reason Summer of 2019 can't come soon enough! 

This was one of my first engagement sessions of the year. You may remember them as the owners of the rat babies from this post... 

Kate, you are a goddess.

Speaking of angels... I give you Julie and Brian:

If there's ever been a photo that I want translated into a home decor colour scheme, it's this one. 

I love this photo even more now that Kristen has joined me for an episode of the podcast... 

Krissy and Shayne, can I keep using your photos for recaps in 2019 and 2020 and possibly 2021? I will never be over the week we spent together in Cabo

K thanks. 

Guys! How cool is this!

Fun fact about this graphic wall in Westboro: it was essentially demolished about a week after this session took place. Not cool, Westboro.

I am slain. 

And have gone to heaven. 

Hashtag. Coffin. Emoji. 

Trying to match a ring shot with it's engagement session is a sliiiight obsession that I probably won't give up any time soon. 

I have serious feelings that Daina and Corey's wedding is going to easy peasy to photograph. 

I call this photo, "wait here and let's see if we can wait for a second without bikers and runners, k go!"

It's not common practise to hang around after an engagement session and share two steaks and a bottle of red wine with a couple, but Kristen and Nathan bring it out in me. 

I'd like to end this post with as much joy as possible. Here's another photo of Karen and Mark being happy and free and thanking their lucky stars that they chose a photographer who keeps it fun. (You'll have to ask them, but that's the impression I'm getting from their faces at least.)

Oh hi. 

Aaaaand maximum joy reached for a single post. Happiness is my favourite photography trend of all time. 

I can't wait to introduce you to the other couples who will be celebrating weddings in 2019. If you're hoping to get yourself and your boo on this list, I have two spaces left for the 2019 season, and 10 left for 2020!

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I can't wait to have you on my calendar! 

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