katie + dan | majors hill park engagement

In August of last year, I packed my bags and boarded a late night plane from Ottawa to Toronto, only to find out that my connection to Sudbury had been cancelled without notice. Just like that, I rented a car and started to drive. I was frustrated and exhausted, but the wedding that waited for me on the other side was worth every kilometre. 

On the morning of Kara & Kevin's wedding I met and made friends with the videographers, Katie and Dan. We navigated that wedding like champs and worked our sweaty butts off to document it in the best way we could. Upon our first introduction I asked if they were local to Sudbury, to which they replied, "we actually just moved to Ottawa!" I couldn't believe it! I knew it wouldn't be the last time I saw them. And that's when Katie pulled me aside and whispered, "When Dan proposes, you're shooting my wedding."

A few months later, it was official. Katie and Dan were planning a wedding and they'd go from by my side to in front of the camera. I am SO honoured to be there to capture and document every magical moment of their wedding day this July. 

In the meantime, they danced at sunset and held each other tight during their engagement session in Major's Hill park. Enjoy! 

One of my favourites. If I can make someone feel beautiful in a moment like this, I've done my job <3

Ohhhhhkayyyy models. 

You guys are flawless and make it look easy. 

July is just around the corner. And I'm officially excited.  

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