julie + brian | rideau canal fall engagement session

Hey blog reader, have I told you lately that I love you?

I've noticed a HUGE shift in the blogging world lately -- can you guess? People seem to be giving up. They're seeing amazing and dramatic successes on Instagram and a bit of a lull in their blogging stats... And just like that, their blog start to dwindle. I get it, you're busy! You do the things that get you the best RESULTS and heck, even better when it also doesn't take a TON of time... 

But you're here, blog reader! You're still here! And it's you that I make this blog post for. (Well, you and Julie and Brian, the subjects of this adorable post...) I have weathered many changes in the wedding industry since plunging full time into this business in 2011, but one thing that never goes out of style: hard work. I've learned that it's the hard work in the extra mile that really counts. So even though my Instagram is like inspiration overload, the blog will always get my love.  

But enough of that, onto the good stuff: the cutest Fall engagement for two of my newest 2019 clients: Julie & Brian!!


Ooooh, and this ring too:

Literally mastering the art of the snuggle... I love these two!

Ladies: be not afraid of wind, because it makes you look like a supermodel!

We found exactly one orange tree. We treasured it <3

Julie & Brian -- 2019 is going to be so good and that's partially because you'll be in it! I cannot wait to be reunited with your fam, Julie! xo 

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