photos that almost didn't make the cut | 2018 edition

Guys, I love this post. It's one of my favourite blogging traditions in fact! When I made the first one, I didn't expect for it to take off. Now I have clients observing some sort of mayhem or hilarity on their wedding days and saying, "that's totally going to be in the bloopers post."

And now, let's get right to the heroes who make this post possible:

Flying a drone, or taking a picture of the sky? Either way that phone is way too close to the cliff for my liking!

All-you-can-cocktail meets a mirror on the restaurant ceiling:

Let us never forget this cake that was only photographed from one very specific angle... (for the record, it wasn't this one).

Dad was asked to carry the veil, and he did it with style. It almost looks like the most luxurious beard in existence:

#LaluSQUAD, anyone remember what this was about?

How to protect a face of makeup during steaming 101:

When they did the first pose I had no idea what was going on. It's the second one that makes it for me.

I hope this is framed.

(Likely by one of these onlookers)

Whatcha taking a picture of there, bud? Oh lol. 

Is that a really short groomsman, or...

Insanely pretty photos happening before AND after this one. But that cork in the top left? How could I not include this one too... 

"How did the guys do at prep?"

"They did awesome. Thank god for YouTube."

Every year there's a small collection of lipstick wipes. This one is my fave.

But a ceremony lipstick wipe will always be a classic. 

How about a double tear wipe during a first look? 

I knew this ultra-candid would be one of Brittany's favourites. 

When the Groom is also a Dad, it is entirely likely that Paw Patrol stickers will appear on his hand during the reception. 

I'm not sure if they intended for this intense of a streamer bomb!

At least we know someone's taking their speech seriously.

I have speculations about what's happening on this phone, but you get to make your own. 

Walk casually and avoid the greenery. 

These two haven't seen each other in years. Again, at least that what I'd like to think. 

I think her song just came on... 

Might not be his jam though. 

Looks like a beautiful wedding party photo, doesn't it?

Buuuut, let's get a heavy zoom on this little man in front:

What happens when a wedding guest get double dog dared to eat a spoonful of BBQ sauce? It's documented forever and acts as a little surprise for the Bride and Groom in the final gallery. 

I wanna know her secrets...

Who's child is this. I'd like to speak with them. (Oops, that's one of mine...)

Little piece of trivia for you, the mega-cry emoji was actually sketched from Meghan's face in this photo. 

What are sisters for if not to static guard the bottom layer of your gown?

He's sorry! He didn't mean to! Hang in there buddy, I'm sending help. 

Guys, can't we all just get along?

Okay, I'll leave it alone. 

Things are really escalating quickly.  

But just in time: Ottawa's newest boy band to finger-gun all your problems away. (I'm tired guys, I don't know what's happening with this write up right now.)

Not the original photo they had in mind, but possibly better. 

Same here:

I was supposed to be testing light in preparation for the bride to walk down those steps, but these dudes had something else in mind. 

Is that... a slice of Kraft Singles?

Ah well, let the music play. 

Come on folks, let's give these good sports a hand...

There you have it. I hope that was as cheesy (literally...) and ridiculous as you were hoping it would be. 

And just like that, the very last year in review post will be coming your way shortly. It's something I'm proud to display on the front page of my blog all Winter long: a collection of my favourite wedding photos from the entire season! 

Coming soon!! xo

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