kristen + nathan | cottage engagement session on a speedboat

I have serious goosebumps, friends. After a full week, I can FINALLY share a peek into Kristen & Nathan's engagement session on the lake! So many people have come up to me after sharing the sneak peek of them jumping into the lake, asking me when the blog post will be ready! The hype is real!

I first met Nathan when he was a part of a shoot for The Dailey Method, and heard from countless people how I needed to meet Kristen, everyone's favourite ray of sunshine and quite possibly the sweetest person on this planet. Kristen and I met while I was shooting a wedding this past Winter and we fell in love instantly. Since then, it has been such a pleasure to get to know them both, and witness the planning of their wedding celebration this coming October. They are the coolest couple and if I could capture even half of the energy they bring into their real life, it would be a massive success.  

I'm pretty excited about what we were able to create on a speedboat at Kristen's family cottage, and can't WAIT for you to dive in!

See what I did there? ;) 

Chasing the sun, quite literally, around this bay was super fun and a big challenge actually! It was cool to not be able to move my clients around as I normally would, and instead just experiment with 360 degrees of light. 

Champagne on the lake. How is this my office?

Okay, don't even get me started on this ring, because I am so freaking obsessed and Nathan did SO GOOD. 

UMMM hi, this is a request for more bathing suit photo shoots in 2018 please.

This is the shot that gives me actual chills. It is Kristen & Nathan in a freaking nutshell. 

One of our many practise rounds for the next shot you'll see... 

Had to be done in one take if we wanted Kristen to have dry hair! I'm so proud of this photo <3 

Kristen living her very best life:

Kristen & Nathan -- can we please do this night all over again? I wouldn't change a thing, sleepover and crashing your anniversary dinner included ;) I am so glad to know you both and cannot wait to celebrate with you this Fall! It's going to be quite the party, especially if Jamie Rigby is in charge of allowing people to go home. 

P.S. Special shoutout to Kristen's brother, Derek, for being the best chauffeur and turning the boat with my every sunset-chasing whim! Gold star!


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