rebekah + andrew | intimate elopement in chelsea, quebec

Quick question: what do you need to make a wedding? 

Is it hundreds of peonies and personalized name cards etched in gold? Is it 8 bridesmaids and matching lash extensions and tie bars that are engraved with dates? Or could it really, possibly, simply be... two people in the middle of a field, exchanging vows and gold bands with their closest family members and a few friends for good measure?

Rebekah and Andrew stripped everything away that wasn't them, plus rings, plus an amazing officiant, and a place for their group to share a meal in celebration. And it was lovely. 

The location: Les Fougères restaurant in Chelsea, which offered not only a place for their group to eat, but a beautiful backyard with endless gardens and a tiny white tent to keep us all cool.

A timeline that allows for a few moments of childlike glee... That's my favourite part.

The amazing person speaking with Rebekah in this photo is Keith from Exceptional Ceremonies. He is my favourite recommendation for an officiant who ALWAYS delivers, puts his clients' needs above his own, and finds the perfect balance of a ceremony that is both light and meaningful.  


A few sips of champagne before heading to dinner. 

Buuuuut not without a few extra photos in the sunshine!

Congratulations on a beautiful start to a lifetime together, Rebekah & Andrew! 

It was such a pleasure to meet you and spend an afternoon with you
 last week <3 All the best! Enjoy the heck out of
your well-deserved vacation!

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