anna + kevin | rainy day wedding at the arcadian loft

Partway through Anna's parents' speech the lights were dimmed and three large projection screens lowered from the ceiling tiles. Baby pictures of a chubby-faced Kevin and a button-nosed Anna were followed by photos of Halloween costumes, first days of school, family vacations, and the dramatic blows of countless birthday candles. 

Two individual lives that at some point would intertwine and take on a new path. A baby Kevin who didn't know that he was becoming the perfect life partner for a baby Anna. It sounds SO CHEESY but in that moment when the photos switched from two separate lives to Kevin and Anna making their memories together, I was a straight up puddle until the slideshow came to an end.  

To our wonderful friends, a lifetime of happiness awaits you. We can't think of anything better in life than to have amazing friends to share it with. So with that, a collection of my favourite photos from  Kevin & Anna's romantic rainy-day wedding in Toronto!

Anna and her girls were so ready for a glass of champagne after a morning of hair and makeup in this killer industrial looking loft!

This pair of earrings was gifted to Anna from her mother, and is a family heirloom that has special meaning on a wedding day in particular.

I hopped in an Uber and headed a few blocks over to meet the guys in Kevin & Anna's apartment. So glad to see one of these hats that I had made for Kev's bachelor party! Turns out they would make an appearance later on too...

I love this photo so much. Most of you will have seen one of my many Instagram posts about this wedding referencing it as a family affair. My husband Ryan was Kevin's best man and this photo gives me flashbacks to my own wedding photos where they had traded places <3

Scotch on the terrace: a perfectly Kevin morning:

Kevin & Anna's wedding took place during one of Toronto's busiest weekends of the Summer. Pride and all kinds of other events had resulted in many road closures and a surge of weekend traffic, so to minimize stress, the limo picked up the girls from their loft, picked up the boys shortly after, and drove us all together to the location for the first look. 

Kevin donned this panda mask to avoid seeing Anna until the right moment. It was possibly my very favourite thing ever. 

A limo ride unlike any other...

Guys. Prepare your emotions for this delightful first look:

My heartttttt! 

To know them both makes this moment extra special. Anna is his perfect, perfect match. And Kevin is beyond thrilled to have finally locked her down after all of their years together. You could see it on his face the ENTIRE day, how glad he was to be husband and wife. 

Who trusted this individual with the videographers' equipment?

UMMM hi. Did I mention the flower girl and ring bearer yet?! My babies call them Uncle Kevin and Auntie Anna and to see them all together in this photo makes my heart burst. 

The grounds of Knox College were essentially transporting me to the South of France. NBD. 

Everyone was asking me how the kiddos did with their responsibilities! Cooper took it very seriously and gripped that pillow with his full might to protect it for Uncle Kevin. And for Jilly, let's just say it's a small miracle that the flower crown was still on ;)

Traditions from both families were incorporated in a really beautiful way, which made the ceremony quite meaningful and unique. 

To be fair, Anna warned me about her family. I really enjoyed their energy:

And their ability to make anything a paparazzi moment:

A quick limo ride later and we explored a little spot across the street from the venue.

Perhaps my favourite photo from the day:

The newlyweds chose to enter in and kick off the reception with their first dance. Theirs was a beautifully choreographed Waltz that featured many flawless lifts and romantic dips. In the morning we could tell that Kev was nervous about it, but when he hit that dancefloor with Anna's hand in his, nerves were very quickly replaced with pure joy.

Watching the slideshow of their lives. Guys. I could cry just thinking about it.

Kevin & Anna -- we are so lucky to have you both in our lives. You are the perfect example of extraordinary friends, squeezing us in to your busy lives whenever you find the chance, and welcoming us with open arms (even when we are just looking to crash for a night before an early flight...). 

Ryan and I couldn't be happier than to see you experience the joys of marriage and the bliss of a true partnership. We love you both beyond words <3


Hair and Makeup - Ford Beauty
Florals: Coquette Studios
Bride's Dress: Watters from Felichia Bridal
Bridesmaids Dresses: Watters, Lulu's, and David's Bridal
Menswear: 4MenUnited
Invitations and Paper Goods: Ink and Jo
Wedding Decor: Chairman Mills, Cast & Co. Event Rentals
DJ: Randy Jarrett - Nth Degree Entertainment Group
Coordination - Madison and Ella
Photography: Laura Kelly Photography
Venue: Arcardian Loft

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