selling our dream home!

As of today, our dream home is officially on the market! It is so bitter-sweet. Bitter because I dreamed of walking our kids down the street to the elementary school every morning. Sweet because I know that that dream will still exist in our new neighbourhood. 

It's sad because this really is the house of our dreams. It's filled with sunshine on a gorgeous day, and looks like it belongs in a gingerbread scene after a fresh snowfall. We've lived in this home for close to 3 years and I still smile every time I pull into the driveway. 

But new adventures are calling our name, a little closer to the city than Stittsville can offer. A life with less hours spent in traffic and more family outings on the weekend. A simpler life with wine shared on the porch instead of backyard parties under the pergola lights. 

Our home on Delamere Drive will always be marked with joy as we look back on our ever-changing lives. We turned our family of three into a family of four here. And these walls were a delight to call our home for this most recent chapter.

Help us spread the word! If you know of anyone who is looking to live in a cozy, quaint neighbourhood that's perfect for raising a family -- send them over here!

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