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July was like my very own Summer camp. Only one wedding (it was a pretty one), and three full weekends off. We cottaged, we celebrated our little darling turning two, and we gave our backyard a makeover

And then August came. And survival mode kicked in. 15 weddings and 8 engagements in 10 weeks. Ohhhhhkay. I'm nearing the end of it now with only 3 more to go before off-season begins. What's striking me the most is how quiet I feel like I've been about my own life, what with being so busy sharing a hundred million photos of the gorgeous weddings and engagements I've been lucky enough to work on.  

So now that we're down to those final few, I thought I'd fill you in on what's new and exciting over in the Kelly household...

And I think the perfect place to start is by saying that I SAW, CREEPED, and MET Big Brother Canada Season 4 winner Phil Paquette. No big deal. I'm not obsessed with Big Brother or anything. I didn't go up to the girl who was with him at Le Nordik and try to befriend her organically while he was getting a fresh towel. OH WAIT. I did. 

And then she was a total bro and waded over to Brittany and I with a Mai Tai and Phil followed. She told us he doesn't really like to talk about BB or be fussed over by fans. So we played it cool. And by that I mean I avoided direct eye contact at every opportunity. And to answer your next questions, no we didn't get a picture, and yes, I'm disappointed to have met him wearing a bathing suit and no makeup. 

NEXT: Ryan and I are minimalists. 

We jumped on the wagon after watching the Minimalism documentary on Netflix one Sunday afternoon while the babies napped. We were instantly hooked, dying to declutter every square inch of our home. 

The hardest thing for us about the process was deciding where exactly to start. I hear this is a common thing, actually! We ultimately decided to devour our nightstands, closets, wardrobes, and the bathroom cupboards first. Slowly but surely we've been moving through the entire house and it's a very cleansing experience in more ways than one! 

Here's something that's not entirely aligned with minimalism, but I'd be lying if I kept it from you. I want a Marrakesh Pouf. There, I said it. 

Something about it makes my insides feel good. Is it wrong to want something so random? I dream of a living room that's perfectly fit for one...

I digress. 

Speaking of documentaries, we also watched "That Sugar Film" and we're really trying to cut out sugar in every way that we can. This lead to some pretty fun adventures in testing Pure Stevia... Apparently a dab will do ya. If I close my eyes I can still feel the sweetness in my brain from a test that went horribly, horribly wrong.

This was a test that went really right though...  

Switching gears a little bit, I was pretty excited to announce that I'm sold out for the 2018 wedding season! That has never happened a full year in advance until now!  I'm still able to add some engagement sessions, some mid-week elopements or civil ceremonies, and a handful of family sessions here and there. Oh and of course some small business shoots for my fellow boss ladies!  

2017 marks 5 years that Ryan and I will be married. How did that happen?! At the same time though, we did do a lot in those 5 years. A new house, a few new jobs, and 2 little bubbas. It's been real and I can't wait for the next 5! We will be celebrating on the beach in Cancun this November :)

Travelling is part of our minimalism journey too; the concept of collecting moments and not things. We are chasing family walks and time with friends over wainscoting and pimped out cars. New sights and meaningful memories over bags of new clothes and office toys. 

Some would say that marriage is about give and take. Ry and I are living this concept when it comes to our TV habits. I'm re-watching Game of Thrones from the beginning with him and listening to the BingeMode podcasts after each episode, and he's promised to watch Celebrity Big Brother in the new year. 

I think I got the better deal. I can't WAIT to talk about BB with him!! He hasn't watched since Season 2. And as you know, things are totally different now. I've also somehow managed my closest group of girlfriends to watch Season 1 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I don't know how I scored this, but I'm not questioning it. 

Much like the BingeMode podcasts (which, if you haven't listened to them, I'd personally recommend!!), I'll end this post with a lightning round of final thoughts. 

ONE: The new Kijiji App is awesome. I've been selling stuff like crazy these days.

TWO: Prince Edward County Girls Trip 2018 is already on the calendar and we've snagged a room at The June Motel! They've sold out quick, we all feel very blessed to have our reservation secured!

THREE: Here's Coop and Jilly lately. 

FOUR: One of my shoots from earlier this Summer will be featured on Style Me Pretty Living! More on that later... :)

FIVE: I used to not like Halloween, probably because my birthday was the next day and I didn't like wearing a Halloween costume at my own party. But now as a Mama I have a new appreciation for the excitement of this time of year. My little ones LOVE pumpkins, candy, costumes, and any reason to stay up late like Mom and Dad. 

SIX: 60% off sale at Michaels on Fall decor. You're welcome. 

SEVEN: A post like this takes abouttttt 3 hours to make. No wonder I don't find myself doing this during the busiest part of the year!!

Well, friend, that about sums it up. If you made it through this beast then you and I are officially caught up. Next time we go out for wine it'll be all about you and I'll just listen. LOVE YA!

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