happy anniversary my love!

To my amazing husband,

Thank you for upholding your vows to me. Protecting me from pain and sadness, taking out the garbage, and getting my puffer from the car after I'm all warm and tucked into bed. 

You are the best part of my life, I truly mean that. You make my happiness your every priority, without falter, and I love you everyday for it. 

I only wish we could go back to Punta Cana and do the whole thing over again!

I'm so excited to be celebrating this first anniversary with the most amazing gift we could have ever asked for: a little baby on the way. I love you with everything I have…

Happy Anniversary!


  1. happy anniversary guys!! i always love your letters to beans :) so sweet!

  2. Happy Anniversary! All the best in this next year and the many years to come!

  3. I hope you two had an amazing Anniversary!


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