my birthday present from the universe

I woke up to a mediocre day weather wise...but it quickly faded into a GORGEOUS morning with a high of sixteen degrees and beautiful sunny skies.

I proclaimed this as my birthday present from the universe. 

But by the time I got home from driving my husband to work, the skies turned dark and what seemed like a tornado rolled through my backyard. The BBQ was turned over on its side, neighbours' garbage cans were tossed all over the street...and the power went out. 

As I sat in my office completely unaware of the outtage, I became frustrated that my computer wasn't turning on. How was I supposed to work without my computer? Okay, maybe I wasn't planning on working...but how was I supposed to watch old episodes of Project Runway without my computer?!

I went downstairs to see how else I could entertain myself and that's when I saw the blank screen on the stove and tried flicking on a light. I sat for a minute in complete silence and wondered how I was going to spend the morning. 

And I did what everyone does when the power's out: I read a book. 

And after my eyes got tired from reading, I went upstairs and made the bed, folded some clothes that were scattered on the floor, set aside a load of laundry for later, and ate a popsicle from the freezer using the Joey Tribbiani excuse. I rolled out my yoga mat and did a simple routine from memory. And when I was done, I took pen to paper and wrote a few words about my morning thus far.

In retrospect, I know that my birthday present wasn't the sunny sky...but the ugly tornado wind that forced me to live out my ideal morning without even realizing it. 

Happy birthday to me :) 

P.S. I bought this birthday card for my friend Julia last week and I'm throwing out a little love for Rifle Paper Co. products and how I'm stoked that they're available in Chapters now! 

I believe in spending good money to 
get someone you love a card that makes your day brighter :)

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  1. Laura, I am a friend of your mom & really enjoy your Blog! You make me smile! Happy belated Birthday!


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