celebrating with the mommy-to-be! (& a contest winner!)

I had the pleasure of joining a group of lovely ladies yesterday for Loraleah's baby shower :)

You'll remember Loraleah because that's the wedding I photographed and then headed to the Dominican Republic THAT NIGHT to attend my own wedding!! And what comes after the wedding? BABIES!! I love that my job has allowed me to witness these amazing moments in her life, from wedding to baby... and she's even due on my birthday! 

How fun it that?!

I simply cannot wait for her maternity session... :)

Now, as promised, I'm going to announce the winner of my free & fun surprise for a couple who hasn't had their photo taken in awhile!

But before I do, I just need to mention how amazing it was to read each and every submission. There were so many love stories to read, and each one was followed by an adorable photo that makes me feel lucky to have such good looking fans!

After looking at over 50 submissions, I am really excited to announce that I just couldn't say no to these 4 couples...

Congrats Gen & Chris!
and The Gillmans!
and Alyssa & Matt!
and Krista & Chris!

I am so crazy excited to spend an evening with you and bust out some fabulous photos :) Each couple comes with a wonderful story, and the thought of sharing each one on my blog just fills me with happiness. 


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  1. YAYYYYYYYY alyssaaaaa!! cant wait to see these pics, youre a beautiful couple <3


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