little tips for killer detail shots

I'll be of the main reasons my Brides are attracted to my work is because of the detail shots.

They love the thought of their wedding rings being styled to fit with their theme and their little extras getting a ton of attention in the photos. So I always recommend starting early when it comes to collecting details. 

For my own wedding, I started putting things aside in my guest bedroom when the day was still about a year away. I included things like:

two copies of my wedding invitations
leftover ribbon/paper from anything DIY
the six corks that I had saved from all of our anniversaries
my wedding shoes, jewellery, bridal sash, etc.
gifts for the parents and the wedding party
little signs for the guestbook table
the yearbooks that went with our high school sweethearts theme
the little box that our Best Man would carry the rings in
and all of the handmade paper goods, 
like the fans for the ceremony chairs...

Whenever I found something in my home that I thought went with my wedding theme, I added it to the collection. Everything that was the perfect lemon-yellow or the perfect grey...everything that reminded me of the six years that I've been in love with my all went in the pile.

And by the time the wedding finally rolled around, I had collected a range of things for my photographer to shoot with. I knew she wouldn't use all of it, but speaking as a photographer I know you can never have too many options.

I love this ring shot from Liz & Sean's wedding last weekend!! This blue suitcase was used to store the cards and letters from their engagement and Liz's wedding shower, and I'm so glad she put it aside for me to shoot with :) 

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  1. Nice read! I like the suggestions. Just love the rings.


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