alyssa + matt | dockside couple session at dow's lake

We've probably met a few times over the years, what with sharing the same high school and all, but I'd say I didn't really meet Alyssa until the day of our book club photo shoot.

This BEAUTIFUL girl and I just got along so well, and at the next meeting, I must say I was a little bit sad to learn that she was moving away to Paris in less than a month!! 

(But only a little bit sad because, to use the words 
of her sweet boyfriend, Matt, this is her opportunity 
for a one-woman year long adventure!)

When she applied for my little fun-and-free contest, I knew this would be my only chance to get her on camera before she flies across the world! It was meant to be :)

I'm very excited to share these photos of Alyssa and Matt holding hands, making cute faces, and just generally being in love. Alyssa -- I expect you to come home after that year is up!! And I expect another photoshoot when you guys get reunited...

Just the most adorable people...

After all the forehead kissing I made Matt do, he felt he deserved one back..

Oh yeah, and doesn't every adorable couple have matching sweaters? No? Just these two then...

Alyssa, my lovely friend, I hope you have the most amazing trip! I can't wait for the instagrams of your one-woman adventure :)

Thanks for being such amazing models, you guys!! 


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