brittany + zach | national art gallery couple session

I've learned a very valuable lesson this year:

You are the average of the five people
you spend the most time with.

This is something we discussed at Making Things Happen in North Carolina, and it's probably the thing that has stuck with me the most. I knew I needed to make some changes to those five people in my life, and work a whole lot harder at nurturing new relationships. 

Brittany was one friend who I saw every once in awhile at company parties because her boyfriend Zach works at the same firm as Beans. We would try to make dinner dates, pending the availability of our hardworking men...which, to be honest, was a recipe for disaster. Trying to get two accountants free on the same night before 9pm is a big task.

So I started making plans with Brittany that didn't include Zach (no offence, Zach!!) for tea and good conversation at my place. I invited my beautiful friend Kim too, because she was in the same boat. Thus began the weekly hangout that we now refer to as Accounting Widows Girls Night. 

Since April, these girls have become some of my closest friends and I treasure their friendship from the bottom of my heart :)

Getting out last night with Brittany and Zach for a couple session made my insides so happy...and we were blessed with the most stunning sunshine for close to 2 hours. 

Zach & Britt...I love you guys!! I hope you enjoy these images <3

You guys are absolutely perfect together... 

I have good looking friends, what can I say?


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  1. brittany!!!!! you look absolutely perfect :) i adore these photos of you and your love.


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