any excuse to make beautiful things...

This industry can be lonely.

We worker-bees can easily become hermited and lose all sight of a social life because of the structure of the work. When you no longer have to commute and you can accomplish everything you need to do in one day from a desk and a computer, it's easy to forget what other human beings look like...

But sometime earlier this year, I made a few connections with other wedding vendors that forced me to get out of my house and be more social. And that lonely feeling that I used to get has completely faded away...

We are constantly looking for more excuses to work together and make beautiful things come to life on camera. 

Beautiful things like this...

So this is just my way of saying "yay!" for great friends, and collaborations that challenge your creativity and make you stronger :)

P.S. I have SO many more photos to share from 
this day of gorgeousness!

Earrings: Sarah Walsh Bridal
Floral Headpiece: White Ribbon Accents
Bridal Sash: White Ribbon Accents
Venue: Le Belvedere, Wakefield
Styling: Alyssa Beltempo
Makeup: One Fine Beauty
Hair: Showpony Hair by Lori Dyck
Dress: Vera Wang

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