there's nothing better than book club!

I am so incredibly lucky that this book club invitation fell into my lap...

Because what I've recently learned is that there are so many people looking for a book club this fabulous, and it's really hard to come by!

Back in April, I walked into my first Unputdownable Book Club meeting ever and sat down beside 1 friend and about 14 strangers. Over the last couple months, these ladies have become amazing friends, and I look forward to that one day each month when I get to see them and catch up.

Our August meeting was the perfect time for me to bring along my camera, especially since it was the first outdoor patio meeting I've been to!

These are some of my favourites -- a combination of mingling, wine-drinking, and pot-lucking. 

This group of girls pulls together some of the most delicious (& delicious LOOKING!) food and drink I've ever had. And don't forget our President is the ultimate Domestic Blonde!

Corn shucking party...

We should have warned Julia's neighbours about our plans to take up the entire street for some photos... ;)

This is my favourite group shot...

Love these girls!!!

Have a fabulous week, my friends! 

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