jocelyne + pat | divine infant catholic church wedding

Jocelyne and Patrick...this is going to be a tough one to write. Their wedding day was filled to the brim with love and happiness.

Instead of trying to express the emotions of the day with writing, I think I'll leave it to the images. I love the way they tell the story of their day, through smiles, tears, and Jocelyne's contagious laughter. 

Get ready for a long one, folks...   

One of the things I loved most about Jocelyne and Pat's wedding day was the music! When I arrived at Jocelyne's house in the morning, her friend Erika was practising one of the songs for the ceremony. 

The piano in the living room was my way of remembering that :)

Over at Pat's place, the guys were already working on making it a memorable day :)

On the way to my car I snapped this pic of the guys on Pat's balcony. 

Love this moment between Jocelyne and her maid of honour (& best friend), Stephanie:

Oh and of course this teary-eyed moment when Jocelyne's father sees her for the first time. So sweet!

Jocelyne and Pat's church is actually in walking distance from where the girls were getting ready. In my opinion it takes a super-cool Bride to opt for WALKING to the church...and I'm so glad she did :)

After Jocelyne and Pat exchanged rings, Pat almost forgot that meant he could kiss the Bride! Cutest first kiss moment, for sure.

The gorgeous wedding party :)

Recognize these shots? OH YEAH, the Prime Minister stopped by ;)

...And then a gust of wind happened. This photo was too funny not to include!

The Sullivan Brothers, being brotherly...

Aaaaand the whole gang joined in. 

A mix of shock and terror in this next one...

One of my faves...

Back at the Hammond Golf & Country Club, Jocelyne & Pat (& 200 of their closest friends!) partied the night away...

Recognize this photo from their engagement session? 

Okay, this part makes me wish I was a videographer, because their MC Duo was absolutely hysterical, and instead of a traditional introduction speech, they performed an in-flight safety demonstration to describe things like washroom locations, rules for dinner, and when you can and cannot sit (where we learned that you can sit anytime you'd like to sit...very informative lol!).

It was amazing.

Oh, and one more thing...they played off the whole Troy & Abed in the Mooooornin' thing. And that made my LIFE.

And when I say they partied the night away, I mean it :)

I'll finish off with this photo, which melts my heart. Love you Jocelyne & Pat, I honestly feel so blessed to know you both!


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  1. i love her father's expression. so priceless... and the dj is hilarious!


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