Friday, November 30, 2012

fridays bring wonderful things :)

I had a feeling today would be the day...

The day I checked Facebook to see a notification from Lauren Wakefield, letting me know that her blog post was ready to see. And I was right :)

Lauren captured our wedding day with so much love and passion that I am literally speechless when it comes to what I feel about our photos. I think I've accounted for at LEAST 35 page-views of this post today. I cannot get enough of them.

You simply must go take a look at our preview on Lauren's blog... 

I will of course be putting together a complete blog post with my FAVE images from our wedding day and sharing them here with you, but for now...I'll let you check them out over on Lauren's blog (and I firmly encourage you to stick around, she is an amazing blogger and photographer, obviously). 


P.P.S...turns out the hardest part of packing is figuring out which lenses to bring. I'm thinking...50mm and 10-20mm. That should cover it right? Oh...telephoto...or macro...bahhh this is too hard. I'm going to leave those decisions for the morning.

P.P.P.S...this Friday also brought one other amazing thing...and that's Beans sucessfully passing the third and final stage of his Chartered Accountancy exams, the hardest one...the UFE! He got the call at noon and has been one relieved and happy camper all day. 

Congrats babe!