jocelyne + pat | dow's lake engagement

Everybody warns me that they aren't good at having their photo taken. That's nothing new.

But Jocelyne and Pat were the first couple to physically shock me at the very first shot. Because, well...they just laugh.

And I mean this very literally...I put up the camera and Jocelyne just loses it. And then obviously Pat starts laughing, at Jocelyne's laughing, which just makes Jocelyne laugh.

And this is the story of how I fell in LOVE with photographing Jocelyne and Pat.

So much goodness going on in this photo.

Pat's phone rang during a piggyback lol...apparently he's good at multitasking.


How many days until the wedding?!?!

Jocelyne and Pat told me that if I had fun with them, I'd LOVE their wedding thanks, now I'm even MORE excited! ♥



  1. They're right... their wedding party is pretty awesome. Love the pictures!!!

  2. quite possibly the cutest thing i have ever seen


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