the home stretch

I remember when I used to say "next November," when someone would ask when we were getting married.

And then the new year hit, and I started saying just "November."

And now to be saying that we're getting married in only "two weeks"...seems crazy. How did that happen?

Two. Weeks.

And the crazy thing is...I still think I have tons of time to do things like put together my fabric bouquets, prepare our wedding favours, make up a program for the ceremony, etc. 

But when I start to burst my little wedding bubble, I remember that my best friend in the world is flying in to help me. Her name is Danielle, and I don't think I've ever mentioned her on my blog (which is weird, now that I think of it...), and she lives in Alberta. This is us (back in 2007 I think!):

She is the exact opposite of me in almost every way. I live vicariously through her hippy-chic-totally-broke-but-travelling-the-world lifestyle. I have a hard time understanding how she could just END UP in Budapest one day, the same way she has a hard time understanding that we don't pay rent.

We met on the first day of high school (in London, Ontario), when we realized that our lockers were beside each other and we had every single class together.     We were best friends ever since, even though I moved to Ottawa at the end of that year. She went stayed in London for awhile, and then moved on to Waterloo, and took a job out in Banff for the Summer. That was a million years ago, and she is still there, having the time of her life and trying to figure out who she is. 

Meanwhile, for all of those years, I was here. Just plugging away at school, getting closer and closer with this guy I was seeing (you know it's Beans), and we have stayed in touch through phone calls and emails and texts all this time. 

We've been to Florida together probably 3 or 4 times, explored Toronto for a week, and had roughly 30-something sleepovers. 

Because we live on opposite sides of the country, we haven't seen each other in what seems like a lifetime, and yet when I called Danielle to tell her I was engaged and that we were thinking of having a destination wedding, she told me that no matter where her flight would be coming from, she'd be there. 

And next week, we will finally be reunited :)

I am so excited to be spending a week with her in Punta Cana, but in a way...I'm even more excited at the thought that we will finally have proper photos together! We have a few photos here and there from trips we've taken and such, but there are only a handful of photos that either of us would say we actually like. 

And as my Maid of Honour, I can almost guarantee there will be some lovely shots of the two of us. 

Plus, I have missed our sleepovers...

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  1. i got teary eyed reading this. i am so happy for you Laura and cannot believe the wedding is finally here! you are such an inspiration to me and i am seriously bubbling over with joy for you. I cannot wait to hear all about your marvelous destination wedding!


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