home, sweet home (& new lessons learned)

I've learned so much. Both about myself as a person, and as a business owner. And it only took skipping town for 3 days to figure it out...

I like working.

I work too much, but I like it. And I feel more of a vacation when my work is done and I'm idly working, than I do when I stow my laptop and try to push the work from my mind.

I also discovered that being busy, is all relative. Example: a year ago, being busy would have been working 8am-4pm, getting home, and having to empty the dishwasher. This year, being busy is having 3 shoots a day, 12 shoots waiting for edit, 32 emails to answer, and a personal life to try and maintain. So when I woke up and read "VACATION" on my calendar last Thursday, I didn't really know what to do with myself.

So, I took on a major, multi-day project, in the form of a complete office makeover. Much more on that later...since it's at least a week from being ready for a blog reader's eyes.

And the other thing I learned, is that it only takes 3 days of being away to go into serious internet withdrawl. I had so many blogs to read this morning, it was out. of. control.

Here's a glimpse of my mid-week weekend with Beans and Weezy at the cottage:

1. The new dock :)
2. "It's so easy playing with puppies" - Beans.
3. My boys in the forest.
4. Easy sudoku...because vacations aren't meant for deep thoughts.
6. Weezy's first visit at the dock, he jumped right in lol.
7. Logic puzzles in the candlelight.
8. Dusk, time for a fire!
9. Cottaging the way I know best.


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