a million miles an hour (& a sneak peek!)

I feel like I'm going a million miles an hour...

I'm really looking forward to both of my shoots today, but also to getting home and sitting down just me and Lightroom to edit an ADORABLE group family session from last week...

I'm excited to spend some quality time with my brand new iPad (thanks Beans!!), and go through my archives to populate a decent portfolio on there.

I'm also craving yogurt and hot yoga. Not that those are related...just sayin.

AND I'm still on a high from photographing Nadine and Daniel's wedding this past weekend! I'm pretty sure they're the best wedding photos I've ever taken, which just fills me with this sense of accomplishment and pride, and forces me to remember how much I LOVE what I do.

Here's a shot from Nadine and Daniel's wedding (with lotssss more to come):

Major apologies for my rambling, but I gotta run to my next shoot!

Like I said...a million miles an hour :)

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