Thursday, July 19, 2012

ask away...!

Somewhere between the day I started my business and now, I've picked up a couple things. I've learned what not to do, but more importantly...I've learned by doing. 

I often get emails from people who follow my blog and have questions about how to start a business, or how to teach yourself to shoot manually, and I figured it could be helpful to dedicate a blog post to these questions, since there might be more of you out there wondering the same thing.

I've opened up my comments section to allow for anonymous comments, just in case you don't want to post your name, site, or other info. Your questions can be about anything, from business, to blogging, to taxes (I'll ask Beans for you), to what Weezy is currently up to. 

So by all means...ask away! 

I'll put them together in a way that is useful and share the answers on my blog when I get back from my vacation next week!