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Help me out here with this math, will you?

13 people.
5 kids under the age of 10.
33 degrees.
(but we'll say 42 with the humidex).

Sounds to me like the recipe for a pretty tough group family session. You would think so...but somehow, the Lessard family completely ROCKED. IT. OUT.

We shot fast.

We shot efficiently.

We made it look easy.

Now, this post will look a little bit different than my usual family posts, but I wanted to use this session as an example of what we can accomplish shooting fast and efficiently on such a hot day. A lot of my clients worry about how we will manage with lots of kids at the shoot, and I get a lot of questions about how to outfit a big group...so hopefully this gives a clear picture of all of that :)

So with that in mind, take a look at what we managed to do in 45 minutes:

Those eyessss!

I spent about 10 minutes with each individual family after the group shot was done, and we basically sped through a regular session as best as we could, making sure I got closeups of the kids, a shot of the parents, and a couple sets (like mother-daughter, father-son, etc.). 

The cutest brothers...

And I also wanted to get the kids in and done as quick as possible so that they could go play. This left us with 10 minutes spent on just the adults :)

So yeah! Like I said, it looks a little different than a regular session where I spend about an hour with 1 family in a park, but I hope this sheds some light on what a group sesh really looks like!

PS, in case you're still mulling over your options for a location for an upcoming shoot, the Orleans Fruit Farm is a really great find.

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