i'd rather be...

Sunday was mayhem. The styled shoot completely occupied my life for the day, but it was fabulous. I'm proud of myself for still taking the time to call Beans at home and make sure he ate breakfast and lunch, though.

Monday was insanity. It was the first opportunity most of my new clients had to shoot me an email and book their appointment. Google calendar occupied by life from morning to night.

Tuesday was nice. The emails dwindled down as the calendar filled up, and I got to spend the evening with Melanie & Michel to design their wedding album. Oh, and no big deal but they brought something home for me, all the way from Morocco (the amazing bangle you'll see below). I am seriously blessed with unreal brides and grooms.

Wednesday was divine. Some lovely confirmation emails came in, and I spent the night relaxing with a glass of wine and two of my favourite people.

And today... is alright. But I'd rather be at home watching Thirteen for the thousandth time...

I'll refrain from mentioning that tomorrow is Friday, to avoid any thoughts of Rebecca Black. PSYC! Now you're thinking about it. 


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