the bookshelf

"Something happened..."

Probably not the BEST words to hear from a wide-eyed fiancé upon returning home from a photoshoot.

"The exploded."

I ran upstairs to see the damage for myself and suddenly I couldn't stop laughing. Literally...the bookshelf had exploded and for some reason, it was the funniest thing I had seen in quite some time.

Sometimes I forget that bad stuff used to feel like bad stuff. For example, an exploded bookshelf would have been a super big pain in the butt, if it happened to me while I was all by myself. And yet...when you have someone to laugh with, the bad stuff just becomes amusing (and in my case, another reason to grab my camera).

Flat tires, postage-related emergencies (that story is going to require an entire blog post of its own), or the realization that the last 4 rows of hardwood flooring weren't perfectly doesn't matter what it is, as long as we're together it's sure to be a blast (and let's face it, it's sure to get photographed).



  1. I see 2 books in there that you have focused on that I have read and I LOVE.

  2. Love it! This post is ironic because I recently posted about my lack of reading...just saw the connection!


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