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It's something that I've had in my mind for awhile now. Every once in awhile I'd think, hmm...I wonder how hard it would be to organize my very own styled shoot. I wondered if people would be willing to participate.

In a moment of confidence, (I believe the moment occured at a spinning class, where most good ideas happen), I decided that I could totally pull it off.

First thing's first? I'm going to need a venue. Oh, and a model. Oh, and of course a dress. And hair, and makeup, and flowers, and props, and a cake...and a second pair of hands.

After months of preparation, all came together.

During that moment of confidence I mentioned above, I stumbled across Barbara, from At The School House, a perfectly quaint and elegant wedding venue that completely stole my heart.

Speaking of things that are wonderful...

I was left completely speechless when I saw the amazing cake by Chrystal's Baked Goodies. She took my ideas about the cake to a level I didn't think existed. Oh...and that flower? Yeah, it's handmade.

Mind = blown, right?

I want to take a minute and point out two pieces of the puzzle, ones that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. 1) Hair, and 2) makeup.

I am absolutely BLESSED to know Tracy D'Silva, after working with her family this summer for a family photo shoot, and I was so thrilled when she agreed to take part in this shoot. She was the very first stop on the crazy-train that was Laura & Caroline on shoot day, and it was an absolute blast.

Tracy, I owe you one. Or maybe two. Or three.

This breathtaking gown, immaculate headpiece, and gorgeous set of pearl earrings are from Ashton Station Bridal. It was such a pleasure to work with the team at Ashton Station...without them there would be no shoot.

Actually it just would have been a boudoir shoot...

Caroline, my dear, you are stunningly gorgeous. I would thank you endlessly for agreeing to be my bride in this shoot but...I'm pretty sure you would quit your day job if it meant you could sit around in Rivini wedding gowns all afternoon...

Could NOT have done this without you, ♥

My vision for the antiques is all thanks to the crew at A Fine Thing, and their supply of amazing pieces, which made the shoot a blast to photograph.

Caroline's mother offered her engagement ring for the shoot, and it was love at first sight. The sweetest touch to the shoot if you ask me!

I am so lucky to have worked with Tracey from Coordination Wedrose on this project. Not only did she assist me mentally throughout the process, but she also graciously provided the flowers.

The flowers...

My vocabulary isn't vast enough to try and describe how much I adored the floral arrangements she created.

I kept thinking that at the end I would say... we survived. But as cliché and tragic as this sentence is, I think we thrived on it, and I am so pleased with every single piece of this big puzzle.

Word on the street is...there's going to be another Styled Shoot next summer...!

Model: Caroline Smith
Hair & Makeup by: Tracy D'Silva
Coordination by: Coordination Wedrose
Wedding Gown and headpiece by: Ashton Station Bridal

Jewellery by: Ashton Station Bridal
Venue: At The School House
Florals by: Coordination Wedrose
Cake by: Chrystal's Baked Goodies
Antiques by: A Fine Thing
Photography: Laura Kelly Photography
Therapist during the stressful times: Beans


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  1. LOVE IT!!! I want to get married again just so you can do more of your magic with your camera! Where do I sign up for a styled shoot!! Tehehe.... (Melanie Desmarais)


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