the graduate

Remember that feeling of stressing out before an exam? Remember trying to add up the marks on your previous papers and quizzes and midterms, to calculate what you would get in the course if you went in, wrote your name, and left?

I'm sure it's something every student has in common, no matter what grade you get, or how smart you are. But when it comes to this example, there's a teeny little difference between Ryan and every other student.

You see...he wouldn't add up his grades...he would subtract his grades. Meaning he would mentally tally up the percentages that were slightly less than 100%.

For four years, it sounded a little something like this:
1% lost on the midterm, 1% lost on that quiz,
aaaaand, yeah that's about it. Okay so, 98%.

I could write a pretty significant list of the reasons that I am proud of him, but sitting in that graduation ceremony, as the fiancé of that guy who won the University Medal for Commerce, that's topping the charts.

Happy graduation, Beans.
 I love you so much. 

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