sweetest lifestyle photography moments from 2020

Yesterday I shared a recap of my favourite branding and social media photos from the year! It was so fun to share those photos again in my stories on instagram, and make a 30 second reel for it! I talk a lot on my podcast for small business owners about how your marketing effort should always be changing with the times. 

I gotta say, back in the day a post like this one would have had triple the view count. But the way we've used our phones has changed dramatically! I can't even remember the last time I googled someone's blog URL to read their post -- instead, I'm in their stories daily, listening to their podcasts, watching their videos, and following a few select hashtags to sprinkle new content into my feed! 

A post like this serves a few purposes, even if it's not about the view count. One, it reminds me of the incredible people I met this year. Two, I genuinely love to see how my style changes from one season to the next. I hope to always be evolving! And three, for someone like you, who actually reads these words on a blog post, I am so grateful that you're here. 

Take a scroll with me down memory lane to see my favourite photos from the family & lifestyle photography sessions in 2020:

I knew instantly upon seeing this one that it would be a forever favourite:

Summer feels like SO long ago! This family / maternity session by the canal is a dream:

I love the quiet candid moments after we're done getting all the shots we "need." Reading a story, colouring at the kitchen table, having a tickle fight on the stairs -- it's perfect.

Also I've been trying to replicate this hairstyle for myself.

Remember these two from 2019? They're back with the sweetest baby girl for a lifestyle newborn session and it couldn't be cuter!

Fun fact about this next fam, Cindy is the sister of Matt (pictured above!) We met when I shot Kathleen & Matt's wedding and I absolutely loved this at-home family session from the Fall:

You're going to see more from Jenna & Brett in the next instalment of the year in review series, but for now here's the sweetest little pregnancy announcement you ever did see!

My clients often apologize for the "silliness" in their home during our sessions. My best advice? Encourage it. The simple joys of your everyday life are 100% the things you'll want to remember.

(Plus, I can always get a cute one for the picture frame on your mantle right after...)

I plan on photographing this family every single year and I think they're on the same page <3 

You DEFINITELY remember this gorgeous NAC wedding from 2019, so let's welcome back Brittany & Mike for a maternity session and a lifestyle newborn session after their little boo arrives!

A nursery fit for a king...

I love this stretching photo SO much:

Keeping the lifestyle newborn pics rolling with Sarah, Jamie, and miracle baby Oliver! It's been such a journey for these three and it melts my heart that he is finally here. 

A Christmas miracle.

UGH, the absolute best! 

From a maternity session on the lake, to an intimate lifestyle newborn session at home... This makes me so happy.

My instagram broke when I shared this literal perfect living room set up. Such a dream.

NEXT UP: my favourite photos of 2020 couples! It's a goodie!  

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