best of branding and social photography in 2020

In 2019 I did a 10 part year in review series. It was a ton of work and I absolutely loved putting it together. When it came time for me to make my final to-do list before taking two weeks off for the holidays, I trepidatiously wrote "year in review" with a question mark beside it... 

Was there enough time to put something together for 2020? 

Was there even enough content with it being a weird year of cancelled
weddings and postponed engagements?

Ultimately I knew I couldn't let a whole year go by without documenting it as part of a year in review series -- I've NEVER missed a year. So here I am with part one of four: the best branding and social media photographs from the year! 

Starting with mega-talented artist, Karen:

I took so many beautiful headshots this year! Regardless of how your business was affected this year, the value of sharing content to tell your story never went away. Here's one of my favourites of Meghan Johnston, local yogi right here in Ottawa!

A forever favourite modern headshot of the lovely Reagan:

I love this calm, cafe headshot of Taylor:

Sylvana started her business during the pandemic, and the fact that she already has her first branding session under her belt? Such a hustler. 

Not all headshots ended with a fishbowl, but I took these photos of Vanessa on the HOTTEST day of the year here in Ottawa!

Honestly who can say they made a new friend in 2020? It's me, with Crystal

I love this Summery shot of Kate:

Candice has been a busy bee this holiday season, with her company EW.WE.ME Gifts! 

As an interior designer, Dawn needed photos in a space that spoke to her style! The kitchen and bath showroom was perfect: 

Speaking of busy bees, I don't even want to know how many sessions Sarah ended up with for the year! She's been photographing so many families and killing it in her business! 

ALSO a forever fave:

Things looked a little different for Where I Thrive this year, but they've handled the closures like absolute champs and I'm so happy we could squeeze in some new photos before the masks came out! 

If you're local to Ottawa and you haven't been to Yoga Attic yet, you're missing out!! Joining Yoga Attic for socially distanced outdoor co-working days was absolutely one of my top 10 things about this year. 

Close up of Tina from Yoga Attic, looking so darn cute in the hammock chair! 

One of the loveliest sessions of the year featured Mel & Kay At Home with their holiday decor boxes -- you absolutely have to check them out on insta! 

Real life friends doing really cool artwork in our city? Sure, I'll stop by for a few photos for them to share online! 

Becca and Mabz are responsible for your favourite holiday windows this year, and chances are you've admired their work around town:

This feels like FOREVER ago, but I also grabbed some website and social content for the Ayres real estate team

Remember hugs?

And casual social gatherings?

Honestly, thank goodness for cozy spaces like this one that made it safe for SOME form of in person socialization this year!! 

And Yoga Attic SERIOUSLY made a gorgeous backdrop for my branding sessions this year... 

Can't forget this tour of Revelle Bridal! 

Sylvana's session was one of my favourites, featuring some cozy at-home branding shots, plus some behind the scenes and detail photos to highlight her meditation offerings! 

Can't deny the impact of good, on-brand stock photography to use to promote your services!

I can't wait to see her put these to work!

For Tina's branding session, she wanted to evoke peace, strength, purpose, and intensity. I think we nailed it with this one:

Styled social content that's as on-brand as your many outfit selections? Key to my heart.

For Mel & Kay's holiday boxes we knew we needed a full kit photo, plus lots of gorgeous examples of how it can be styled on a real table. 

The key here was capturing every angle, suitable for square cropping for social!

Key words here were: cozy, warm, and intimate. 

I love this little detail shot of Meghan's podcast! 

And I LOVE capturing entrepreneurs who are out there making waves and forming engaged communities. It's such a blessing to play a small part in their stories!

Firstly, if 2021 is to hold a branding photography session for you (or heck, even just an updated headshot!) then please reach out to me here!

And coming up later this week: PART TWO of the year in review series which will highlight the beautiful lifestyle photography sessions for families! It's too cute, you're definitely going to want to be there. 

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