kat + matt | a summery engagement session at major's hill park

I'm so happy to be sharing this beautiful engagement session with you today! Kathleen and Matt were so easy to work with and I learned a TON from the hour that we spent together.

I always tell my clients that the engagement session is basically the homework that ensures we can make MAGICAL wedding photos without having to go through a big learning curve on the day. I give instructions on how to walk, how to fidget in a way that leads to natural looking candids, and it's also my opportunity to see what kind of direction works best.

After spending an evening together in Major's Hill Park and the Byward Market, I feel so confident about what we'll be able to create together in October. They're the most easy going couple, and I'm thrilled to share a big collection of favourites from their recent engagement session:

This was approximately 3 minutes into the shoot, so we're already finding our groove...

We kicked off the shoot with a few "family photos."

Kat immediately made this photo her profile pic, so I feel like I've learned where her true priorities lie. 

We spent our time searching out little pockets of architecture and light. Our city has so many of these gorgeous spaces!

This is one of my favourites:

So right around this time, we started hunting for patios where the two could share a beer. It was a busy night in the Byward Market and the first 3 places we tried were absolutely packed. 

We walked for a few minutes and considered briefly getting a table at a really ugly looking patio with ripped red gingham tablecloths, but ultimately chose to give it one more street. 

Our patience paid off because we discovered this adorable patio right on Clarence, with neutral umbrellas and a hint of the last golden sun of the day. 

Living for this little set of sips before saying our goodbyes and leaving Kat and Matt to finish out the evening in peace.

I love the feeling of a full and happy heart, walking home as the sun goes down, knowing just how beautiful the collection will surely be. Kat & Matt, so excited for us to do it again this Fall!! xo 

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