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Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

I want this quote tattooed on me somewhere. It's such a huge part of how I live my life. The part about looking around, that's what pushes me towards living a life that is documented and colourful and full of adventure. And let me be clear, adventure looks different for everyone. For my life it's not mountain climbing or white water rafting. It's wine on the back deck with my best friends. It's walking to the market for date night with my husband. It's slowing down and blowing bubbles on the front porch with the kids. 

The summer is my busiest time of the year and if I let it, it'll go by in a flash. I'll find myself smack dab in the middle of October and think...where did my summer go? Instead, I make an effort with every season to set a few goals that force me to have more fun, slow down a little bit, and make each moment count. 

So friends, on this hot and muggy Thursday afternoon, I give you:

ONE // Ice cream party in the backyard

Our kiddos are OBSESSED with ice cream. And let's be real, what's more "summer" than a pair of sticky hands and sugar-filled bellies... Not to mention our new place is just steps away from the Marble Slab and we are constantly subjected to watching other people walk by our porch with sky-high cones.

Oh and speaking of ice cream, here's a photo of baby Jilly from two summers ago:

TWO // Get the hot-tub up and running

Might not seem like the most "summery" activity to hook up a hot tub, but we've FINALLY had our tub delivered from storage after moving just before Christmas. We've missed it terribly over the cold months, and can't wait to spend some cool summer nights with a glass of wine and a view of the stars. 

THREE // Picnic by the canal

We visit the canal pretty frequently, but this one is more specific. A picnic isn't a picnic without a blanket, a basket, some fresh fruit, other snackies, and wine in plastic cups. 

FOUR // Find the best croissant in the Glebe

This one is absolutely going to require it's own post... A little while ago, Ry and I found ourselves with a boring Sunday afternoon and no inspiration to do anything at all. We started making a list of things we could possibly do to pass the time and one of those was: "find the best croissant in the Glebe."

It got us thinking and we've decided to make this an actual EVENT that takes place all summer long. We're calling it:


You heard it here first, folks. Over the next few months we are going to be tasting and scoring croissants from all of the bakeries in our little neighbourhood. I promise to post about it on Instagram so that you can follow us and give us your 2 cents along the way ;)

By Fall, we should have our answer! 

FIVE // Brunch at the Wellington Diner

Pretty simply, we've been told it's delightful. I'm torn about whether I'll order my standard breakfast choice (the BLT...), or stray for something a little more interesting. 

SIX // Unplugged cottage weekend

This one is coming up quick! I so rarely find myself with complete weekends off in the summer, so whenever I do we pack up our bags and skip town! I'm excited for crosswords, tanning on the deck, Sommersby and Cranium... 

SEVEN // Throw a housewarming party!

How long is too long to wait until a housewarming party? It's been almost 6 months -- so we're still in the grace period, right? I can't wait to open the doors and welcome everyone into our quaint little home in the Glebe!

What's on your summer bucket list, friends?
Did I miss anything?

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