the dailey method fourth annual shoot!

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- time to share my favourite photos from the latest shoot with The Dailey Method! Four years later and they keep asking me to come back! 

TDM is such an amazing community with a strong heartbeat that runs through the Glebe. At any given time you can always spot people coming and going from the Fifth Avenue Court. Somehow they always look happier when they've just taken a class; like the weight of the world was left on the cork floor and was replaced with positivity and empowerment. 

Sarah & Jamie have collected the most amazing group of people who are out there changing the world with their winning personalities. Without them, the studio wouldn't shine nearly as bright. They're the sunshine in the room and the sparkle in each day.   

I've been photographing The Dailey Method Ottawa for four years and it seriously never gets old. Still, I was pretty excited to hear that Sarah wanted to shake up our usual shoot and do something totally different... 

This year we're showing the other side of what it means to Live a Dailey Life -- the part that happens outside the studio. It's that pep in your step as you walk through the neighbourhood with a bit of a sweaty glow. It's the coffee date with your best friends after class. It's the family picnic that fills your soul on the weekends. It's the self-love that comes with health and happiness; it's the celebration of finding a balance of both. 

It was SO fun to get these guys outside and into the sunshine for a true Laura Kelly shoot :) It was all about TDM swag, with a whole lot of energy, fun, and happiness. 

Sarah and Jamie invest in content for their business. A 2 hour shoot like this sets them up with HUNDREDS of photos that they can use throughout the year to grow their brand awareness and engage with their followers.

Whether it's for their newsletter, their instagram stories, or the sandwich boards that line Bank Street, fresh content is key. We work hard to figure out exactly what kinds of photos are going to be perfect for the coming months.  

I remember long before the cycle studio even existed, and now there's a big group of amazing cycle teachers!!

Sarah & Jamie are probably the most inspiring couple I've ever met. Starting this business together was far from easy, but when life throws them a curveball, it just makes them stronger. They're probably the most deserving people I know and it's such a pleasure to call them friends.  

Remember when I said that living a Dailey life is meeting up with friends for a coffee after class? Well we are so thankful that Little Victories (our favourite coffee shop in town!) welcomed us with open arms to take a few photos in their cafĂ©. 

I'm so excited for you to meet Nathan and Kristen. You'll be seeing lots more of them so soon because they're getting married in October and it's going to be out of this world.  

Ughhhh. The most beautiful human being. If you only knew that she's even more beautiful inside. 

You guys are aware that people are going to be asking me to do their engagement photos at LV now...

This photo was an outtake that I actually fell in love with. Ask Sarah Thompson for the story if you run into her later.  

Maybe our next lifestyle shoot should be in Mad Radish? We're touring our way through the trendiest stops in the Glebe... 

We had way too much fun in this random spot at Lansdowne...

I see this next photo and hear Justin Bieber in my head. 

Swag. Swag. Swag. Swag. 

Those fully extended fingers could only belong to a musical theatre super-fan: 

Favourite. This is Sarah's true spirit. 

Our last stop was by the canal just as the sun was going down. Looks like a barre to me ;) 

Until next time, TDM family!! Thank you for giving me all you've got. Thank you for trusting me with your good side and for lending me your energy for 2 hours straight. I love you all!

If you're new to the Dailey Method, 

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  1. "it's such a pleasure to call them friends." It is a pleasure to call you a friend as well! Thank you for being our photographer for 4 years! Your photos truly capture the essence of what Sarah and I hoped to create with our studio here in the Glebe. With each smile you capture, you are able to demonstrate what we are all about and welcome anyone to join our community without even having to walk through our doors!


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