700 posts in 7 years: introducing the blogging workshop!

I knew I had to have a blog, because that's what the other photographers I knew about had. And isn't that really the truth about most of the early decisions of a small business? Just a series of moves that start with "I guess I should do this..." that when strung together, somehow make it look like you have it somewhat together. That's the magic stuff that self-employment is made of. 

I think the other secret amongst small business owners is that that feeling never really goes away. We are all faking it juuuust a little bit, taking leaps and bounds towards what we hope is the right destination. It's scary and exhilarating and we almost never feel entirely secure with the last move on the chessboard.

But I'm thankful that I took that step 7 years ago. I'm thankful (& slightly embarrassed...) for my 7 years of content that help put my work into the hands of the most amazing clients. Writing about my journey to become a self-taught wedding photographer allowed for my friends, family, and thousands of strangers to follow along. And when you invite people to follow your life and your work, it gives them a reason to care about it.  

The Intro to Blogging workshop has a little piece of my heart because it's a reminder of how clicking "publish" on 700 posts in 7 years has lead me towards the business of my dreams.

I know firsthand how it feels to write when absolutely no one is reading. To delete a post because self doubt got the better of you. To struggle with sizing images, coming up with fresh content, getting a custom URL, and going back and forth a hundred times about whether to delete the whole darn thing.

But I have some encouraging news for you, sweet friend. Every word you type is a record of where you are. Every post is like the trail of seashells that Dory's parents leave for her at the pipe to the undertow (really showing my mom-of-two side here...). 

Years down the road when your business and your home and your family looks a little bit different, you'll be able to inspire others with your progress. You'll have a portfolio that allows you to share your work with clients in a curated and meaningful way, and you'll have a record of this beautiful, beautiful life that surely deserves to be remembered. 

Allow me to save you from some of the self-doubt. In a small group setting, in a beautiful studio in downtown Ottawa, we'll hash out everything I've learned about blogging and get you on your way to the business you dream of. 


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