instagram courses (& how things have changed)

There was a time when I shelled out close to $200 each month to get my website highly ranked on Google. It's really not that difficult as long as you're willing to spend the money and as long as you can handle the demand. I was happy seeing my business at the very top of the list and you better believe my inbox was full. But that was years ago. It was a time when couples were sitting down with a computer between them, googling for wedding photographers and choosing from what popped up. 

These days, things are a little different. 

Brides are falling in love with their wedding vendors before they even get engaged. They're following their work and picturing themselves in those photos years into the future. They're subscribing to the community and becoming members of the tribe. And these clients are more valuable than 5 of the Google-and-book kind. They're the ones who are going to tell their friends about you. They're the ones who are going to consider your time valuable and make your work day a breeze. 

The community starts out like a baby fern and only with proper care and attention will it grow and thrive. But this is where the hard part lies; this is the work. For most people it looks like this:

What should I post today?
What time should I post it?
And what would my caption be...
I'm terrible at writing. 

There was a time when I shelled out close to $200 each month. But things were different then, and when the market changes you have to change with it. The Instagram for Small Business workshop is about finding your clients and speaking directly to them and making them care about what you do. You’re inviting them to follow along on your journey, regardless of what stage you’re in.

If your business is new, this will be your introduction.  

If you’re seasoned, let this course refresh you and breathe new life into the beautiful business you’ve worked so hard to create. 

There are 4 spaces left in the Instagram for Small Business workshop on April 6th in downtown Ottawa. I would love to see you in class!
Register for your seat today //

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