maybe it will find you like a wave

I used to think of karma as one good for one good. For instance, donate $2 at the checkout and find $2 at the bottom of your purse on that one day when the credit card machine is broken at the parking garage. One good, for one good. Alternatively, drive too close to the sidewalk and drench that new mom out walking with her baby in the pouring rain, and find yourself locked out of the house when it's -32° a month later.

My heart was happy with that tit for tat system that seems to govern the majority of us who believe in something a little kooky. But recently, something shifted. I snuggled in with a blanket on the couch in the middle of the afternoon last week, coffee in one hand, notebook in the other. I jotted down some of the things that I feel thankful for. Not broad things like "my family" or "to have a warm and safe home." More specific things; work things. Jobs I'm excited to have, projects I'm thrilled to be working on, new friendships that I'm starting to see emerge. And it hit me...

Karma is like a wave. 

Sometimes you do 2 good things and get nothing back. You tell yourself that even if the results of your hard work and positive energy don't show themselves right away, that it was still worth it -- and of course it was! It 100% was! And sometimes... sometimes karma is like a wave. You can hit that perfect crest, right at the top of the crashing wave, and feel all of the good things wash over you, thanking you for being patient. 

Maybe I've lost you. Maybe once I started writing about positive energy and good vibes you were like, "see ya!" But if you're still here, I have great news for you. Every good thing you do in this life, every time you help someone who needs it, offer support or guidance to someone who is lost, every time you think you're giving more than you need to -- it'll come back. 

Maybe you'll see it immediately; one good for one good. Or maybe it'll find you like a wave, and you'll be happier and luckier and rich in all of the important things, more so than you ever thought possible. 


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