back at the desk! (november goals and an october recap!)

You'll have to pardon my emotional state while I write this post. I am so completely overcome with joy in almost every area of my life that I barely know where to begin. In case you think I'm about to launch some sort of new business project or reveal a personal announcement, you're wrong. Nothing is new, it's just that everything is incredibly "right" at this very moment. 

You might remember a post back in February where I wrote about the busy times. How they pile up, how the tough stuff starts to feel like the new normal, how I found myself sitting in the tension.  At the time it was the only type of writing I was capable of. I had a burden in my heart that prevented me from glossing over the tougher side of owning your own business. I wanted to share a true picture of what it looked like from the inside. And almost 9 months later, I couldn't be further from those words. Life is good and I want to YELL about it! 

This post is coming to you just 1 day after my 27th birthday. Yesterday I felt the sunshine on my face and I was overwhelmed with friendship and love from the people around me. I sat at a table with a dozen of my favourite friends in the whole world and felt luckier and happier than I ever have. Weddings for 2017 are almost completely booked up, and 2018 brides are finding me! The kids are LOVING their schools and we're really setting into a routine now. Coop was a handsome little fireman and Jillian was a literal ray of sunshine in her rainbow costume. Instagram has been a positive place for me in the last while, with a surge of positivity and very few thoughts of competition. 

This next part might be a little hokey for some of you, but I swear some of this resounding joy has to do with all of the amazing music that has come out in the last couple months! I have the best 25 song playlist going on my Spotify these days and I sing as loud as I can every chance I get. 

October was so good to me, and November is already off to an amazing start. To follow along with our family blog, head over here

A few goals for November:

Cut myself some slack during off-season.
Take some time to breathe. 
Celebrate my girlfriends with November birthdays at Le Nordik!
Spend some quality time with Cooper, one on one.
Bake something. (It seems as though I've forgotten how much I love to bake!)
Drink more water!
Write a non-photography related post once a week.

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