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It's seems there's always some new, fun project that comes up, even after 6 years as a professional photographer. Some mornings I photograph a line of cosmetics, sometimes I take portraits of an artist in her studio. And sometimes a friend and wedding planner, Brittany from Gloss Events, asks me to photograph a home that's been decked to the nines in time for Christmas, as part of a charitable organization. Like I said, always something new. 

Homes for the Holidays is an event that raises money for Hospice Care Ottawa, opening up 8 stunning homes for viewing. The immaculate floral designs and Christmas inspiration turn these amazing homes into a showcase that's certainly worth seeing. The event was held last weekend and we're all still waiting to see just how much was raised! I did want to share a few photos I took of the home that was designed by Gloss Events & Decor and Flowers Talk Tivoli. It was such a pleasure to meet the homeowner and capture all of the beauty that these women created for the event. 

For some seriously over the top Christmas inspiration, take a look! 


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