industrial geode inspiration shoot behind the scenes

In case you missed yesterday's industrial geode inspired shoot, let's catch you up here. It's always fun to share some behind the scenes photos after a big shoot, starting with Tanya from Presh Floral styling the invitation shot. I chose the spot on the floor, she chose the ribbons and the gems, and I lined up the paper goods in a way that would work well on camera. 

The entire table design came from Tanya. She had a vision of using plants instead of flowers and I was ready to capture anything she'd create. 

A big empty canvas to work with! 

I took this photo as a lighting test, but it's the one that feels most like the atmosphere of a styled shoot. It can be high energy at times, but most of the time it's pretty quiet and methodical. Each player is so focused on their contribution... 

Our model, Laura, and her sweet friend who accompanied her. 

And since it always starts with a board and a few's a behind the scenes look at the very early planning stages of the shoot:

And if you read yesterday's post and saw that thing about the cake going's a peek at that!

Lastly, I simply must share a screenshot of the ultimate goal in planning a styled shoot: a spectacular feature.


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