oncewed preferred vendor! ah!

I'm officially on the list of preferred vendors at OnceWed! Never really thought I'd say that, I'll be honest! I was incredibly honoured to be asked, and seeing my profile on their vendor list is just the best. 

Choosing from literally thousands to create a portfolio of less than 20 photos is TOUGH. My recommendation for anyone struggling with this is to get into the habit of putting your favourite photos into a desktop folder called "Portfolio," after every shoot. You can always go in there and delete some as needed :)

My intention with this mini portfolio is to show new clients that I love bright colours, HAPPY people, and easygoing romance. 

One last screenshot -- featuring all of these amazing vendors from my beloved home of Ottawa. What a great group!!

Check out the new "preferred vendor" badge on the left side of the blog. It's truly a badge of honour. YAY!

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