ottawa wedding show recap!

I feel like I blinked and suddenly it went from Friday morning to Sunday night. This weekend at The Ottawa Wedding Show was absolutely insane! 

I have such an amazing support team, from family who helped to set up my booth and watch Coop while we worked, to friends who took time out of their weekend to help me answer questions and meet new clients. I am so thankful!!

I took a few photos of my newly renovated booth (we call it LKP 2.0) once everything was ready to go, just minutes before showtime. 

My goal was to create a booth that gave clients a glimpse into my brand, even if they were planning on walking by without stopping to say hello. I wanted it to look crisp and clean, without any clutter. And lastly, I wanted clients to know that I put a lot of care into everything I do :) 

I think we achieved that!

One of my favourite details of my booth this time around is the wooden sign with my new logo on it. Every letter on there was stencilled onto the plywood, outlined with painter's tape, and hand painted.

I also invested in 4 new canvasses to show off some of my favourite photos ever. My goal in choosing these photos was to emphasize my love for happy people, colourful shoots, and simple, clean photography. 

My two large Ikea tables were perfect for giving clients a chance to flip through all of my sample albums. I know the "Laura Kelly Bride" pretty well, and chances are she's toting around a Starbucks -- so I knew I needed the tables to be big enough for her to set it down. 

You remember my risky little handouts that I love so much :) I gave away close to 600 of these!

This last photo is courtesy of Ryan Kelly Photography (AKA the most amazing husband who dedicates 100% of his energy to making my dreams happen).

A little note to all of the amazing people I met this weekend:

Thank you so much for coming up to say hi. Thank you for sharing your engagement stories with me, and shedding some light on the AMAZING weddings you are planning. I hope you know how much it means to me to be considered to document the happiest day of your life. 

Also, if you entered my draw for a free engagement session, stay tuned on the blog and on Facebook because I'll be announcing the TWO WINNERS on Wednesday!


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  1. Omg Laura! Your booth looks AMAZING! I bet you'll have a lot of work from this show :)

    I'd love if we could email and talk about wedding shows! I like to get other photographer's experience on them and I'd find it really helpful to talk with you about it :)

    Please email me if you have time, I'd love to talk:

    Thank you & your amazing!

    - Julia


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