375 ballots later... (WINNERS ANNOUNCED!)

By now you know I took part in The Ottawa Wedding Show last weekend. Well, I also did a draw for a FREE ENGAGEMENT SESSION and I'm happy to report that I'm drawing TWO WINNERS! In order to get myself organized and email all of the participants, I sorted through 375 ballots and took down the data.

375 ballots later...here are a few things I've learned.

Number one: There are a lot of girls named Stephanie.

Number two: There are also a lot of girls named Jennifer.

Number three: There seem to be a million different ways to spell Caitlin. (Katelyn? Kaitlin? Caitlyn...? I could go on and on.)

Number four: Wedding emails are adorable, ex:
melissalovesjason@suchandsuch.com, or 

Number five: My clients are awesome. When asked, "On a scale from 1-10, how important is photography on your wedding day?" the results were hilarious. I received:

318 responses of 10 
5 responses of 100+
1 response that said "all the numbers in the world."
and 1 person who just filled in the box with as many hearts as possible and then wrote, "we choose YOU!"

Number six: zeros look a lot like O's, and people who do that line through their zeros deserve extra karma points throughout their lives.

On that note, it's time to announce our winners!

(Even though you're probably reading this on your phone 
during your commute to or from work, 
give me a little drumroll in your head, okay?)


Kristina Abretti

--- and ---

Caitlin Thumm

I can't wait to get together for your engagement sessions!

A huge thank you to everyone who took time to fill out a ballot. 
It means a lot!

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  1. this makes me so happy!! i'm so glad you're excited, and i cannot wait to book a date with you guys <3 also, i've been diving into your blog as well -- love your writing!


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