FAQ - working with videographers

Sometimes I'll get this question during a wedding consult: 

Are you able to work with a videographer if we decide to have one?

The answer is an overwhelming YES! I love video!! My first thought, actually, is that I cannot wait to see the footage. As a photographer, sometimes the wedding day goes by in a flash. Getting to relive the day through a wedding video is amazing. 

But instead of just chatting about the benefits of having a videographer, I'm going to gear this post towards other photographers who maybe haven't yet worked alongside a video crew. 

First thing's first: you want to get on the videographer's good side. Seriously. Keep them informed on important things when they're happening, and if you have a trick up your sleeve, make sure they're in the loop. For example, sometimes while I'm shooting formals of the bride and groom, I ask the groom to come up and squeeze the bride towards him at an unexpected moment. This is an amazing moment for photo, but even better for video. I want to make sure the videographer knows to prepare for that. 

By keeping them informed, they'll do the very same for you.

Next, stay out of their way! During the ceremony and speeches, you need to assume that video is being shot from all of the best angles. In order to stay out of the way, make eye contact with the videographer and motion towards where you're planning to shoot. They'll either give you a look that says "by all means!" or they'll very clearly tell you to hang back for a second while they cut and move to a new spot. Working in tandem is key!

Lastly, don't be afraid to dominate during the portraits. As the photographer, it's your job to organize the families and the wedding party for portraits, while the videographer simply gets a few candid shots from a different angle. When it comes to shooting the bride and groom, same goes!

If you're thinking of adding a videographer to your wedding team, let me know and I'll give you a few recommendations :) 

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