Tuesday, September 4, 2012

sasha + jason | LAGO bar, grill & view wedding

Sasha and Jason were married on a beautiful September afternoon, in front of an amazing group of family and friends, and I could not have been happier to have shared in their gorgeous wedding day!

Also, I have to thank my dear, dear friend and past bride, Melanie, for setting me up with Sasha and Jason 

Get ready for a loooong post my friends, because this wedding was fab...

I love this shot over Chelsea's shoulder, while she wrote out the words of the toast she'd make in Sasha's honour later that night.

And again...I know I say this everytime, but HOW do I get such gorgeous brides on my calendar? 

Sasha's bouquet was stunning. It was the perfect accessory to her gorgeous gown.

In the morning, I asked Sasha for details on the ceremony set up, and she had one of her bridesmaids pass me this hand drawn program. I pretty much died at the cuteness of her little stick people with happy faces...

And Jason prepared had a glass of wine with the guys and put the final touches on his suit. 

And this is a new one...Jason and his crew have one very cool thing on common, they fence! So the gear went on, and we took some fun shots before the ceremony started :)

The ceremony took place on the patio of LAGO Bar & Grill & View...

This is the part where Sasha and Jason put their letters to each other into a time capsule, to be opened on one of their anniversaries. Whether it be 5 years, 10 years, or 50 years. 

The light was absolutely perfect, and the trees actually looked a little bit like fall!

One of my favourites of you, Sasha!

With a couple minutes to spare before the reception, the bride and groom grabbed their first of many margaritas as a married couple...

Sasha and Jason's LAGO reception was stunning...

And their grand entrance was obviously met with excitement :)

Taking my couples out for sunset shots is always a blast, and we are so lucky that it was a gorgeous night.

When we got back...the party got started. And I have a feeling it didn't end until the wee hours of the night.

Congratulations Sasha and Jason!