powe family | andrew haydon park

Is it possible to have a crush on an entire family?

Maybe it was their beaming smiles, or their perfectly coordinated outfits...but whatever it was, I had such a great time shooting this family of grown up kids :)

And you don't have to wonder where they got their good looks from ;)

Okay so the photo below might need a bit of an explanation...but I have no idea what's going on so I can't really help you lol. 

All I know is that as soon as it was over, I got the best photo of the girls laughing authentically...my fave of the day :)

There's another family member on the way...!

My love for shooting couples HAD to come out a little bit in this blog post haha...I seriously would have LOVED to shoot these two getting married!

If you're in desperate need of an updated family photo, get your hands on a fall mini session before they sell out! :) 



  1. Laura is the best! And no, she will NOT make you frolic around in fields (unless you want to!)

  2. the photos here are so beautiful. nice work


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