Friday, August 26, 2011

the best of the best

We've all seen the ads, "I'm a PC," and "I'm a Mac."

Well in the camera world, the Canon vs. Nikon debate holds a similar level of competition. In my opinion, Canon likes to show off its pretty colours and cool tricks (kind of like a really expensive fish you would order off ebay), while Nikon is there, time and again, just trying to give you the very best you could want, no bragging required (like a....golden retriever? Okay I'm done with this metaphor).

That's what Nikon has always been for me, and that's why it is my first choice. In the process of trying to pick out my very first DSLR camera, I weighed out the options for both. The first guy I dealt with at Henry's told me:

"Go Canon, it's lighter. Here...feel it"

It felt like a toy. I guess I missed the memo where everyone decided that lighter was better, without exception or limitation (okay, legal-admin-speak just came out there, let's dial that back a bit please).

I remember picking up the Nikon D3100, noticing that it was significantly heavier than the Canon, loving the way it felt sturdy in my hands, and thinking that I would most likely be taking it home with me that day.

After that, I started purchasing lenses! And then when my experience started to out-grow my camera body, I knew it was time to upgrade. Two weeks ago I started shopping around, to find out what camera was going to get me through the next stage of this business.

I came across the Nikon D7000, in all its glory, and once again, I fell in love.

I'll be the first to admit, my very first DSLR purchase was pretty darn recent...but I've decided to look at it as a success that I've already out-grown it.

My friends are asking me if I'm selling my old one, and the answer is no, for a few reasons. The first, is the same reason as why I would never, EVER, think about selling my Nikon F55 (even if I could get more than $50 bucks for it). It means so much more to me than just a collection of parts and mechanics, and to me it will always represent the beginning.

The second reason is a pretty exciting one. I have recently acquired a second shooter, whom I will be working with over the next few months. It's a great DSLR to start out with, and she's going to love it.

My very first shoot using the new equipment is tomorrow afternoon, I think I will really be able to see a difference in the quality, I can't wait!

PS. this post was written in order to demonstrate that if we're all picking sides, let it be said that "I'm a Nikon." Let this post also be used to demonstrate how I get carried away in my own thoughts.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

villeneuve family | rockland woods


Having never been to Rockland, I wasn't sure what I was in for. I found Sonya's pretty street without any problem (seriously...I have no idea what I'd do without iPhone maps), and the house was beautiful! I figured we might be taking photos in the backyard, but Sonya informed me that there was a forest behind the house.

Camera bag in tow, we headed down the path. The sun was absolutely perfect, beaming down in between branches overhead, and we walked and talked and took photos with their girls (trying to stay in the shade as much as possible to avoid the heat!)

The weather channel predicted thunderstorms that afternoon, but we were pleasantly surprised that we managed to stay dry the whole time! After the shoot we walked back to the house, I said my goodbyes, and got into Dash (my cute little red golfcart Yaris), only to hear what sounded like a bucket of water falling on the roof.


We missed it by maaaaaybe 3 minutes!

It truly does make my job easy when my subjects are this cute (and colour-coordinated!), and the weather cuts me a bit of a break.

Friday, August 19, 2011

well, this took a turn.

As you might know, sometimes I get a little stressed out with my own ambition, and unfortunately this morning is no exception.

I'm going to blame it on the two coffees I inhaled as soon as I arrived at work. I have been "off" coffee for the last two months or so, but had a bit of a craving for some extra energy this morning.

[Small useless note to add: the kitchen was out of skim milk (ugh...)
so I had to throw a drop or two of cream into my coffee, and holy
crap, I'm so confused. Have people been drinking coffee with cream
this whole time and NOT telling me how insanely delicious it is?!
This changes everything.]

I don't usually react to caffeine like the average person (perfect example: I once drank a 750mL Full Throttle and chased it with a 2-hour nap), but I guess my brain is having a bit of a reaction this morning! I feel like it's working overtime, trying to plan out the next 5 years of my life.

If you've been my friend for quite some time, this whole notion of the 5-year plan won't really phase you, since you would know that I've been following a 5-year plan since I was freshly 17.

[Another useless side note: aww...I just thought of being freshly 17,
celebrating my birthday with my favourite people at the Coliseum
(seeing The Prestige), which was also my very first date with Ryan.
It was the beginning of a new chapter, that's for sure.]

Although there have been some twists and turns in that old 5-year plan, I couldn't be happier with the way everything turned out. In 2007, Ryan and I made a plan to buy a house together in 2011, once he graduated at Carleton. We did. In 2007 we made a plan to get engaged sometime in 2011. We did, (he proposed on January 15th, 2011 to be exact...can you tell he couldn't wait?!). In 2007 we made a plan to get married in 2012. And we are!

When I think of my next 5-year plan, it gets a little fuzzy. But, there are a couple things I know for sure, so I'll start there:
    • Getting married in the Dominican Republic, November 20, 2012
    • Trying to have a baby, anytime after November 20, 2012 ;)
    • Going on maternity leave
    • Saying goodbye to my day-job forever, and focusing 100% of my efforts (okay, more like 20% of my efforts since being a new mom will PROBS come with some extra responsibility), on my business.
I am hesitant to just spill my guts about everything that I want for the next 5 years, largely because it could seem way too ambitious and I don't want to fall short, it's hard to say. I'll try and suck it up though...
    • Do a promotional video
    • Produce and order sample wedding albums
    • Work the Ottawa Wedding Show
    • Get featured on a wedding blog / wedding magazine
    • Capture the perfect "I do" kiss
    • Open a studio (this one was tough to actually put on the list...)
    • Shoot a destination wedding
    • Order a professional blog re-design
    • Photograph the weddings of two of my besties (Kayla and Shannon)
So, how do you go about summarizing your life in a blog post? I have no I'll just say that as I look back on my previous 5-year plan, it has been fun, and all I could ever want is for my next 5-years to come with as much love, laughter, and unforgettable experiences.

[Last side note to add, promise: this entry was supposed to be about
how I'm a crazy person and need to tone down the coffee intake
for the day. Unsure as to how it ended up being the kind of life
re-cap everyone expects to see on a blog on January 1st...]

Thursday, August 18, 2011

alex | cakesmash!

Good parents let their kids eat cake. Great parents let their kids DESTROY the cake in order to get some hilarious cakesmash pictures.

I can just picture some of these framed and given to Alex on his 18th birthday or something. Maybe I can picture it because it's so something I would do for my kids haha!

One of my favourite parts of this photoshoot:

"Maybe we should have chosen vanilla..."
- Joselle 

crain family | petrie island

Andrew & Joselle are such wonderful people, it's no wonder Alex turned out to be such a sweetheart! He is so handsome, and he also has that little "cheeky look."

Plus, I'm a sucker for kids in overalls.

We had a gorgeous night at Petrie Island, man I'm loving that 6:00pm sunshine!