favourite ottawa wedding photos from 2020

Happy New Year, friends! It's January 1st and your girl has her SH*T together today to deliver the last instalment in the year in review series, complete with a few of my faves sneak peeks from, that's right, YESTERDAY'S wedding NYE wedding. 

I can't leave a 2020 bride out of a year in review post!! 

Man it feels good to be organized. I'm thankful to be kicking off the year in style today and I know you'll have a blast looking through these fave shots from the year. It's becoming cliché to be like "2020 was hard, it had its ups and its downs, it was a different year... etc. etc." So instead of going there, let's pop a bottle and admire the happy faces who found a way to bring a TON of joy into their year! 

Whether that meant you were celebrating under a tent beside the lake...

Or on a rooftop with one of Ottawa's best views...

Or in a park at sunset, just the two of you...  

However my couples celebrated, it somehow felt absolutely perfect.

There were so many unique details this year, from custom signs to remind people to sanitize before the ceremony, colour coordinated masks for the wedding party, or this "would be" wedding day cake:

Each event felt completely unique from the last. The restrictions were changing so quickly that at times we were texting just a day or two before the wedding to finalize the timeline details. (Super rare when usually we have everything sorted by a month or two out!) 

And some guests got really creative to be a witness to the ceremonies. One of my favourite memories from this Summer was the boat parade at Diana & Chris' wedding:

They stayed parked during the ceremony since the guest count had to be limited!

I'm so psyched for you to see more photos from yesterday's NYE event!

Perfect first sneak peek!! 

Moment to appreciate Alexa's wedding date... literally one month before the pandemic started locking things down. We had no idea how special that last dance party would be. I can't wait for dancing to come back! 

Walking into your own home was the new church entrance shot:

Everyone staying safe during prep, it's a beautiful sight!

So thrilled for Mariah and Dave who are welcoming a new babe in 2021! I love this ultrasound detail shot:

An intimate ceremony in your living room, but make it glamourous. I'm BEYOND obsessed with every moment from Jessie & Luke's day!

I will never forget this year of first dances on the backyard patio, and first looks on the front porch. There's a tagline on my website that says I could do an engagement session in a parking garage if needed, and that scrappy hustle to work with what we've got and make it DREAMY, that was put to the test this year. 

I just do not have enough positive things to say about my couples. I could burst into tears when I think of how they rolled with the punches, kept me in their plans, focused on moments not photos, and made the most of these unique celebrations, even though they looked very different from their original plans.

They were gracious, grounded, and kind. They reminded me daily how above all, they were excited to start their marriages.  

I will cherish every single gallery from this year!

And I'll never take a centrepiece for granted again. I'll probably never leave the dance-floor after the restrictions are limited. I will hug EVERY. SINGLE. bridesmaid goodbye for the rest of time because I have a deficit of human connection that I'm ready to tackle. 

Every speech, every limo ride, every tiny button on the back of her dress; I will cherish it all. 

To my incredible couples from 2020, whether that's for a wedding, an engagement, an anniversary session or a lifestyle family memory -- thank you. You took care of me this year in more ways than you know, and I'm so very grateful. 


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