unboxing the luxury wedding album

One of my off-season goals for this year was to refine the packaging for the heirloom wedding albums that are included with each full day package. In the past, I'd been so eager to send the albums to my brides that I didn't pay much attention to the details that go into packaging, mailing, and unboxing. 

I knew I still wanted the packaging to be simple, effortless, and neutral. I thought I'd share a few recent photos from an album "unboxing" courtesy of the beautiful Brittany, a Laura Kelly Bride poster girl... 

It warms my heart to know that this album will be glanced at on a rainy day, flipped through on an anniversary, and enjoyed by generations past and future.

I've been refining the style of my album design for all 8 years of wedding photography experience, and I've got it down to a science. Still though, each album is entirely tailored to the photo selections, making sure to carefully highlight the moments that I know are most important to my couples. 

With its simple  and minimal cover design, the album in a box for safekeeping can be subtly displayed on a coffee table or bookshelf for years and years. I purposefully chose to create these designs without photos on the covers, to keep the presentation understated. 

Vivid colours and rich paper pages make your photos look even better than they did on the screen...

P.S. there's something about ending with a full page of black and white -- it tells a vivid story of all the memories and celebrations that took place for an entire evening. I wrote a blog post about how to choose the photos for your wedding album and that's one of my favourite tips!

To see more of the heirloom wedding albums that are included with each full day package, head over here

I would love to help you document it. 

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